FX Photo Studio Отзывы пользователей

Нормальная такая прога

Нормальная такая прога, не идеал конечно, но свои 10 баксов (обычная версия) отрабатывает на все 100. Не знаю что у нее со стабильностью, но у меня пару раз вылетала, хотя это и не критично. Немножко неоднозначен интерфейс при сложном использовании, когда эффекты один на другой наслаиваешь - сделали бы видимые слои, было бы супер. Но мегатонна эффектов компенсирует это - какие уж тут комбинации придумывать. Долго выбирал, теперь могу рекомендовать.

Что за ХЕРНЯ !!!

После обновления выбор фильтров стал ДИКО тормозить !!! При этом раньше всё просто летало ! что вы там натворили !!! Это что ? Принуждение к покупки версии Pro ??? Всё жутко тормозит на топовой Ретине с 16 гигами памяти !

Не то, что я ожидала.

:( Могу я вернуть покупку? Права потребителя здесь работают? Это приложение должно быть бесплатным. Оно просто не стоит своих денег, так как есть лучше и бесплатно. Я была введена в заблуждение представленным описанием программы и ожидала совсем другого. Неудобное и малофункциональное приложение.

А мне нравится

При всем несусветном разнообразии программ для обработки фото, в этой собрано то, что мне позволяет вообще без труда делать всякие вкустности. Конечно же многое повторяется - как и в других программах. Но мне нравится стиль, дизайн, простота… В общем гуд! Денег за удовольствие не жалко. Сенкс.

Crashing issues

Hi there. I was looking forward to utilizing the app for some quick, easy, photo edits, but it has crashed three times in the last hour. I just purchased this, so, I’m losing patience and faith in this product. I’m in need of assistance or a refund and unsure where to turn exactly.

Really like this App...

I have used this App for a few years and really really enjoy it. It is easy to use, has all the features I need for a quick edit and refinement. The App updates and improves all the time. I highly recommend!

I love this photo editor

I am photo shop illiterate, so this works really well for me.

FX Photo Studio

I gave this basic version of FX Photo Studio a five star, because for what you pay, you get a lot filters and especially frames. I like to use vignettes and there are 4 adjustable ones you can choose from. I do wish there were more edge modifying selections not just picture frames and 4 vignettes. The software does not seem to have any text box options, so I have to move the photos in or out of FX to accomplish either of the above filters. I haven’t dabbled in the other filters on FX, but I will say that this seems to be a very user friendly, easy program to create artistic images.

Much better than I expected

For the price, I don’t know how anyone could complain. I’ve been playing with it for about an hour now (I really need to head out the door to appointments but can’t walk away) and it looks as if it is going to be a blast. I have applied the effects so far to a couple of images which I have then opened in Photoshop in order to have my way with them even further and I can see that this will add to my Photoshop Compulsive Disorder considerably.

Works just fine.

It’s not photoshop, but it’s not thousands of dollars.

Extension doesn’t work?

Apple Photos app extension functionality doesn’t seem to work. I found a few different FAQ and instructional pages all providing similar instructions on how to enable extensions, but none of it works as suggested. We can launch FX standalone, and have already rebooted (good practice), and have admin privs on the computer, but cannot find FX listed in the System Prefs/Extensions. Also cannot right-click and edit as extension from Photos app (FX is not listed). We bought this package for its creative potential, and specifically to work as a Photos extension. The manual workaround - manual file save - is too complicated to teach to our young daughter. Otherwise she would have loved using this app. Mac OS X 10.13.3.


What a piece of garbage, almost pointless filters that a kid could have desgined.. DONT BUY.

Ok, Ok, stop bothering me.

OK, now I’m ready to write a brief review. I am new to serious photography so my experience is limited, however, I have a lot of experience in Elements (a lighter version of PS) because of my graphics hobby. I really like this App. It allows you to do things quickly that otherwise would take much longer in Elememts. Also you can experiment with different effects and see what those results may be. Whereas, in Elements, if you go down the wrong road you could waist a lot of time. If you have special needs however, you might have to go to rely on Elements. My usual routine is to use Elements first to crop and do other major changes, then go to Snapheal CK for sharpening and other color work. I finish off in FX Photo Studio for final effect if needed. It doesn’t take long to know what these last two apps can do and plan appropriately. Now, my “work” is with an iPhone 7 Plus. So if you’re a professional and have one of those gorgeous but combersom cameras this may not be for you. Lightroom is mentioned a lot by the serious guys. So there it is. OK, you can stop hounding me with those annoying windows that pop up. However, this App was worth those windows to me for what I do, and I wanted to say something about it.

Works Good

We just digitized all of our photos. Using this app is working well. There is some locking up which causes me to have to force close the app that is a bit bothersome. But overall it works well.

Dont Buy if you have a New MacBook

Every time I try and use a layer mask i get glitching and a black box as i paint my image. This makes this software not usable for me. I waisted $5

FX Photo Studio 3.0

Very good app. Easy to use. Results are instantaneous. Allows for a variety of options. New Version 3.0 is very fast and efficient. Another great app from MacPhun. Macphun (Now, Skylum) just keeps improving.

This is Great!

I am an amateur photographer to say the least, and not a skilled computer person. This program is wonderful for people like me. I tried four other inexpensive programs before buying FX Photo. They were not worth dealing with and certainly not intuitive. I am really enjoying this program.

Great App

Easy and intuitive. I use it in conjunction with Luminar on my Mac.

Red Eye

I seriously paid for this app and it has no red eye? Am I missing it?

Great Product

I didn’t know I would have so many choices of and photo options. I keep finding new choices available. Thank you for such a great photo software. Mark

Terrible - not being updated to work with latest OS

I have the CK (Creative Kit) version of this app. It hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. It’s really slow, and then freezes even though it has plenty of RAM, there is plenty of disk space (I’m not sure if it uses a scratch disk or not), and it was the only thing open. So it had plenty of CPU and graphics card resources as well. I had only one photo open, just doing normal basic adjustments. It was really slow, then froze completely. I have many of their apps, and have just purchased a couple of their new ones. I hope that they update those going forward because they certainly haven’t updated these to work with the latest operating systems.


FX Photo Studio offers so many good, usable choices. It’s also one of the easiest programs to use. You can compare effects quickly in one window without any extra steps or any extra time taken. I’m glad I decided to try it.

I would like to request a refund

This app doesn’t have the proper filters that I need despite what it claims. I want to get a refund.

My go-to app for basic image editing

I have another app that has so many more options, I can’t often find basic functions. FX Photo Studio is the one I use to work with brightness, contrast, and cropping. As far as photo effects, it provides many options. The best part is that you can preview what they look like to make a quick choice. I use this photo editing app more than any other.

Great, fun program, too many crashes

I love this editing app for it’s easy to use filtering, masking, adjusting capabilities. Perfect for a recreational iphone photographer like me. However for an app that costs that much I would have really hoped it would be more seamless. My computer froze several times within the first couple of hours of using it, and I’d have to shut down the app, re-open it and start the photo from scratch (not to mention have compromised useage of other open apps in the meantime). Hopefully there will be an update or something soon to fix the bugs.

FX Photo Studio

. It is a lot of fun and easy to use.

Mask and HQ pictures

Everytime I try to process an high quality image of about 2-5 MB in size, it tells me that it exceeds the size limit of the picture that the app can handle. I wonder whether the quality of the picture is compromised while the app compresses the picture. Lastly, the mask doesn’t work for these HQ pictures. I see weird pixels on the screen while trying to use the Mask option. Otherwise great.

Lots of great effects. I use it a lot. It is fun to mix it with other photo programs to allow your c

Five Stars! A nice app with lots of effects. It is also nice and compatible with iPhoto. Great for special effects. No problems with easy back and forth between programs.


trendy app, uses the common cliche of filters, basic controls, really boring generic old style frames. One thing it does NOT have that is must have in the future, is the ability to add text to a photo. I just don’t understand in today’s environment why I can’t have the ability to add simple text to a photo. Meh.

Love it!

It is so much fun to enhance my photos. Quick Easy and Fun. What more can you ask for.

Easy to use

Simply great results!

Fun and useful

There is a lot of power packed into this app. For a non-creative person, it’s a great tool. The various effects combine what would take a lot of work in a photo editor. The ability to use masks and also take care of basic things like cropping really help. With this app and Pixelmator I find that I can do a lot of things that are near-impossible for a an amateur with little time to learn a tool like Photoshop. It’s never crashed on me as some graphics app are prone to do after much editing. Working great with El Capitan.

Nice but………...

First, I am using OS X El Capitain. Its Photo program is less than best and this is why I purchased FX. Unbeknownst to me it is not capable of being enabled and used in conjunction with Photo. I learned a valuable lesson. How does FX work? Nothing spectacular. IPhoto worked better. And actually, getting technical, what seems like years ago I had a Sony VAIO with Windows XP. The XP Photo program was beyond excellent and simple to use. I chatted with a Mac representative last night. It seems that there is a weak point between the new operating system being able to enable a higher end photo editing program that can be purchased on the app store. The editing programs need to catch up because they are crashing. I will wait until one has done so, then purchase it.

Great app, Just wish I could play with fonts too

Just barely learning how to use this - I can see there are limitless number of ways to edit a photo. Was looking for an all-inclusive app that can also collage or write/layer writings on the images, so wish this app had that. But for the purpose of this app, it’s definitely beginner pro level.

Worth the Money

Simply put, I love this app. It’s quick and painless to edit images that you want to emulate into ‘Instagram-style.’ It’s less complex than Photoshop yet avoids the exporting nightmare that is Instagram. In the end, you get an app that gives you professional-quality filters and effects without breaking your bank, time-constraint or spirit. Definitely worth the price and I recommend it to beginners and professionals alike.

Quick and easy, but...

… it would be nice to the following: — a Sharpen adjust tool. Photos taken with a phone or tablet are often not quite sharp when viewed on a computer screen. A sharpness tweak can make the difference between a good photo and a much better photo — a Text tool for adding captions and/or a watermark — a way to do a watermark (even if there is not a Text tool) Maybe the Pro version has the above? I haven’t checked. I rarely use the filters but it’s nice to have them there. Overall, a good basic editing app.

Great program

The program is easy to work with and I love the way I can change the colors of my photos.

Love it!

I love this program. It’s super easy to use and the varieties of filters are outstanding. The only problem I have with it: the colors are so rich and the filters add so much unique flair, I think I have 5 different versions of each pic I work with :) I highly recomend this over I photo any day.



Nice but wish they had a text box option

Tons of filters, but I don’t feel all are actually usable. I would rather see more that are helpful filters to quickly fix photos for “ready to print” status. I am also very disappointed that there is not a text box option.

Best photo filter app by far

FX Photo Studio is my goto app for adding filters to photos. Professionally done, easy and fun to use. Did I say fun? Sometimes I like to browse through all the effects just to see how they do with some picture that I’m working with. Well worth the price.


I cannot thank you guys enough for taking this very average photographer and making him look like a photo genius. I have nearly all of the MacPhun Apps and they are all great. My most recent and the one I like the best is HDR-Splash. Not only does it spin some magic to nearly all of my photos but has also managed to save some of my older , darker ones. Thanks a bunch , guys!



good program

This Program is very easy to use. It makes great photos if you have good photos to start with. ive been having lot of fun messing around with it and making fan art for bands. could use more text options and a little more control over colors but all in all its a good app. i recommend it to any one looking for suttle but effective effects.

Excellent Photo App

I first got this app on my phone then I got it for my Laptop. I love to mess with pics but I also discovered that this was extremely useful for work. My employeralways wanted me to make interesting pics for her website, invites and social media. I’m anything but a photographer or graphic artist. This app makes my job a lot easier! Highly recommend! LOVE!!!

Fun Finishes for Fhoto’s.

I bought this app to be able to add some fun elements to my photo’s. i have many applications for editing, but i wanted something a little different. I am well pleased with FX Studio. It is easy to install and use. I am pleased with the results. The app is not difficult to use. Glad i made the purchase .

This “editor” has no features.

I purchased FX Photo Studio 30 minutes ago and have already requested a refund. I have no idea what you people are raving about. I get more functionailty from the freebie, Paint+. Perhaps you all are usingthe “Pro” version, but the std version is useless. You can crop & apply some filters, that’s it. -The “Edit Mask” tool is disabled -The resolution of the photo is so downgraded from the photo in IPhoto as to be useless. -I cannot zoom in, only out -The are no brushed or selection tool -There is no worthwhile “Help” I have no idea what this would be used for other than making silly effects on photos. I don’t need all the features of Photoshop, but I sure need more than this.

Great App

I do not understand any negative reviews for this App. As an author who needs creative photos for her blog and doesn’t have all the expert photographic skills of a professional this App has met my needs beautifully. I create unique photos that add to my message I write. It is easy to use, intuitive and everything I need.


You can crop photos, and add effects! What I love best about this is similary to the old iphoto you can specifically edit the mask and apply the color from the filter anywhere you’d like. I definetly would reccomend this app!

No way to resize pictures

I personally think this is a piece of junk, basic filters and no way to resize a picture and save it, after discovering this i asked for a refund and they said no. There are much better free software than this. AVOID.

FX Photo Studio is the best!!

I realize there are many photo apps for computers and Smart phones, but I have found this application, both on my MacBook Pro, and on my iPhone and iPad, to be one of my most useful Photo applications– probably my number one overall. I highly recommend that you check it out, and start using this app to improve and help set your photos apart from pictures that are simply snapped.

Awesome App & Worth the $$’s!!

FX Photo Studio is easy to work with and you can find any filter to transform your photos into a fine piece of art. There hasn’t been any filter I can’t work with when it comes to touching up or adding interesting effects to my photographs. I always find a filter in FX to assist me in giving my photographs that edge that when people view them, they are jaw-dropping, breath-taking and leave people saying, "How did you make that photo?” Can’t wait for more updates and filters to come!!

Too hard to use for me.

I’m just hopeless with software. I can’t make my photos smaller with this, and I can’t figure out any of it. It is not the program’s fault but there seems to be no explanation or support for beginners. I used to have a perfect program but changing to a Mac made that not work any more. I get so terribly discouraged. I really need to shrink my good photos for my web pages, but I can’t.

FALSE ADVERTISING in the Picture!!

Are you kidding me? I just paid $9.99 to get a basic editing app? The only reason I bought this was because I saw the Masking option to have more control and editing features. It's the last picture of 5. THIS SCREEN AND OPTION DOES NOT EXIST. I don't know where this came from. Essentially, I saw a feature and expected to see that feature and THERE WAS NO FEATURE. That's not misleading. That's FALSE ADVERTISING.

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