FX Photo Studio App Reviews

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None of the filters seems anywhere near as good as what one may expect. No explanation how to integrate with iphoto, not really up to the description.

nice app, small bugs

The application is nice and easy to use. There are more filter than in most of the other applications that I tryed so far. Just when rushing through the filters with the left and right keys, the application freezes on my mac air (mavericks). So lets hope for a bugfix soon...

A perfect low cost Program.

I work with the filter program for more than one year. I am fully satisfied. There never was a problem. In particular, the effect filters, such Symentry and scetch has already brought some Flickr friend in brood.

some things missing

not bad, but, a bit more, and you got, Photoshop

My FaceBook Wall Is Alive Now!

My Facebook wall looks like an art museum... The only camera I have is from my iPhone 4, and this app has made me look pretty awesome lately :P ... Im not a professional photographer, But I think I know how they feel when they get that one special shot...... Every time I click save.

Very limited

Not worth it

Waste of money

Should have checked out the software a bit more, really doesnt do anything more then my Camera+ app on my iPhone. Buyer beware…..

four stars but fading

This app was A-one until I upgraded to Mavericks. Now it freezes on some of the effects.


Very nice app, dont miss its

Straight Forward, User Friendly

wouldn’t trade this app for nothing … more like it please!

Lots of Fun!

It’s quick and snappy when you start with a picture that is already pretty good. Love how I can transform a realistic photo into a piece of art with just a couple adjustments. I have been using this program for a couple of years now and each update has improved it. It’s a great first step for someone who is just starting to explore photo transformations. Check out the tips, they are great to get you started.

Very Useful App

This app does exactly what it says it will do. Being able to preview and save changes is invaluable. I recommend it to anyone who would like to add elements to a photo that greatly add to its look and message. Cheers!


簡単な編集ができるソフトです。むちゃくちゃ選択肢のおおいPhotoshopやPixel materと違い、フィルターとサイズの変更、色合いの調整などが中心で、使いやすいです。

Well, Im not a pro in photography

I just like to make sometimes some of my photos better and I can do it easy and comfortable using this app. I like the interface and a bunch of features and Id like to have more time to appreciate more features, for us, amateurs, time is very important :)

Great, fun program, too many crashes

I love this editing app for it’s easy to use filtering, masking, adjusting capabilities. Perfect for a recreational iphone photographer like me. However for an app that costs that much I would have really hoped it would be more seamless. My computer froze several times within the first couple of hours of using it, and I’d have to shut down the app, re-open it and start the photo from scratch (not to mention have compromised useage of other open apps in the meantime). Hopefully there will be an update or something soon to fix the bugs.

my consideration

i’m a photographer with more than 30 years of experience but it is difficult for me at 65 years of age spending time to understand more complicate software programs as Photoshop , Lightroom etc..what i wish was a simple program very friendly to make the photos different and in some case nicest . here the result , buy FX Photo studio compliment ot all have developped the program Gianfranco

Great Finishing Touch

I have all the regular (Photoshop, Aperture) photo editing apps. But when I finish with them, sometimes I turn to FX photo studio to get an edgier look. I like that you have a lot of flexibility with the basic filters that they offer. Plus masks, etc. Great APP!!!

FX Photo Studio

Excellent effect editor Great choice of enhancements and controls Enjoy the results

Not Good

I paid good money for this and I expected it to include things like brushes and layering, which it didnt. Youre basically paying $10 for some effects that you could get for much cheaper. Overall, not a very good photo editor. It is fine if youre just looking for effects, but it is not what I was looking for and i am very disappointed (tears were shead).

I love it

I have tried a number of photo editor apps, and this is my favorite. I have had it since 2011, and I love playing with the different combinations. I recommend it!

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